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  • Barra, Anna; Solari, Lorenzo; Béjar Pizarro, Marta; Monserrat, Oriol; Bianchini, Silvia; Herrera García, Gerardo; Crosetto, Michele; Sarro Trigueros, Roberto; González-Alonso, Elena; Mateos Ruiz, Rosa María; Ligüerzana, Sergio; López, Carmen; Moretti, Sandro (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2017-09-28)
    This work is focused on deformation activity mapping and monitoring using Sentinel-1 (S 1) data and the DInSAR (Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar) technique. The main goal is to present a procedure to ...
  • Solari, Lorenzo; Barra, Anna; Herrera García, Gerardo; Bianchini, Silvia; Monserrat, Oriol; Béjar Pizarro, Marta; Crosetto, Michele; Sarro Trigueros, Roberto; Moretti, Sandro (Taylor & Francis Open Access, 2017-12-19)
    The detection of active movements that could threat the infrastructures and the population is one of the main priorities of the risk management chain. Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) techniques represent ...
  • Béjar Pizarro, Marta; Notti, Davide; Mateos Ruiz, Rosa María; Ezquerro Martín, Pablo; Centolanza, Giuseppe; Herrera García, Gerardo; Bru Cruz, Guadalupe; Sanabria Pabón, Margarita Patricia; Solari, Lorenzo; Duro, Javier; Fernandez Torres, José (MDPI, 2017-08-23)
    Landslides are widespread natural hazards that generate considerable damage and economic losses worldwide. Detecting terrain movements caused by these phenomena and characterizing affected urban areas is critical to reduce ...

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