Magnetic fabrics in tectonically inverted sedimentary basins: a review

Show simple item record García-Lasanta, C. Román Berdiel, Teresa Casas-Sainz, Antonio M. Oliva-Urcia, Belén Soto Marín, Ruth Lourdes Izquierdo-Llavall, Esther 2021-08-03T05:00:02Z 2021-08-03T05:00:02Z 2017
dc.identifier.citation Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 19, 19018 es_ES
dc.description European Geosciences Union General Assembly (2017. Viena) es_ES
dc.description.abstract Magnetic fabric studies in sedimentary rocks were firstly focused on strongly deformed tectonic contexts, such as fold-and-thrust belts. As measurement techniques were improved by the introduction of high-resolution equipments (e.g. KLY3-S and more recent Kappabridge susceptometers from AGICO Inc., Czech Republic), more complex tectonic contexts could be subjected to anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) analyses in order to describe the relationship between tectonic conditions and the orientation and shape of the resultant magnetic ellipsoids. es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Departamento de Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad de Zaragoza, España es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Departamento de Geología y Geoquímica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Unidad de Zaragoza, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, España es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Departament de Geodinàmica i Geofísica, Universitat de Barcelona, España es_ES
dc.language.iso es es_ES
dc.publisher Copernicus es_ES
dc.relation.ispartof fdsdfsdf es
dc.rights Acceso abierto es_ES
dc.subject Tectónica es_ES
dc.subject cuenca sedimentaria es_ES
dc.subject magnetismo es_ES
dc.subject Península Ibérica es_ES
dc.title Magnetic fabrics in tectonically inverted sedimentary basins: a review es_ES
dc.relation.publisherversion es_ES
dc.coverage.spatialStudy Península Ibérica es_ES
dc.type.lecture Resumen es_ES

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