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  • Huneeus, N.; Basart, Sara; Fiedler, S.; Morcrette, J.-J.; Benedetti, A.; Mulcahy, J.; Terradellas, E.; Pérez García-Pando, C.; Pejanovic, G.; Nickovic, S.; Arsenovic, P.; Schulz, M.; Cuevas, E.; Baldasano, José María; Pey Betrán, Jorge; Remy, S.; Cvetkovic, B. ; (European Geosciences Union, 2016-04-21)
    In the framework of the World Meteorological Organisation's Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System, we evaluated the predictions of five state-of-the-art dust forecast models during an intense Saharan ...
  • Gkikas, Antonis; Basart, Sara; Hatzianastassiou, Nikos; Marinou, Eleni; Amiridis, Vassilis; Kazadzis, Stelios; Pey Betrán, Jorge; Querol, Xavier; Jorba, Oriol; Gasso, Santiago; Baldasano, José María ; (European Geosciences Union, 2016-07-15)
    The main aim of the present study is to describe the vertical structure of the intense Mediterranean dust outbreaks, based on the use of satellite and surface-based retrievals/measurements. Strong and extreme desert dust ...

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