Geomorphological and sedimentary processes of the glacially influenced northwestern Iberian continental margin and abyssal plains

Show simple item record Llave Barranco, Estefanía Jané Sánchez, Gloria Maestro González, Adolfo López Martínez, Jerónimo Hernández Molina, Francisco Javier Mink Proeck, Sandra Martina 2021-01-12T06:33:20Z 2021-01-12T06:33:20Z 2018-07-01
dc.identifier.citation Geomorphology (2018), 312, p.60-85 es_ES
dc.identifier.issn 0169-555X
dc.description.abstract The offshore region of northwestern Iberia offers an opportunity to study the impacts of along-slope processes on the morphology of a glacially influenced continental margin, which has traditionally been conceptually characterised by predominant down-slope sedimentary processes. High-resolution multibeam bathymetry, acoustic backscatter and ultrahigh-resolution seismic reflection profile data are integrated and analysed to describe the present-day and recent geomorphological features and to interpret their associated sedimentary processes. Seventeen large-scale seafloor morphologies and sixteen individual echo types, interpreted as structural features (escarpments, marginal platforms and related fluid escape structures) and depositional and erosional bedforms developed either by the influence of bottom currents (moats, abraded surfaces, sediment waves, contourite drifts and ridges) or by gravitational features (gullies, canyons, slides, channel-levee complexes and submarine fans), are identified for the first time in the study area (spanning ~90,000 km2 and water depths of 300m to 5 km). Different types of slope failures and turbidity currents are mainly observed on the upper and lower slopes and along submarine canyons and deep-sea channels. The middle slope morphologies are mostly determined by the actions of bottom currents (North Atlantic Central Water, Mediterranean Outflow Water, Labrador Sea Water and North Atlantic Deep Water), which thereby define the margin morphologies and favour the reworking and deposition of sediments. The abyssal plains (Biscay and Iberian) are characterised by pelagic deposits and channel-lobe systems (the Cantabrian and Charcot), although several contourite features are also observed at the foot of the slope due to the influence of the deepest water masses (i.e., the North Atlantic Deep Water and Lower Deep Water). Thiswork shows that the study area is the result of Mesozoic to present-day tectonics (e.g. themarginal platforms and structural highs). Therefore, tectonism constitutes a long-term controlling factor, whereas the climate, sediment supply and bottom currents play key roles in the recent short-term architecture and dynamics. Moreover, the recent predominant along-slope sedimentary processes observed in the studied northwestern Iberian Margin represent snapshots of the progressive stages and mixed deep-water system developments of the marginal platforms on passive margins and may provide information for a predictive model of the evolution of other similar margins. es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Departamento de Investigación y Prospectiva Geocientífica, Unidad de Tres Cantos, Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, España es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Departamento de Geología y Geoquímica, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España es_ES
dc.description.sponsorship Department of Earth Sciences, Royal Holloway University of London, Reino Unido es_ES
dc.language.iso en es_ES
dc.publisher Elsevier es_ES
dc.relation PROGEZEE (CTM2011-13367-E) es_ES
dc.relation CGL2016-80445-R (AEI/FEDER, UE) SCORE es_ES
dc.rights Acceso abierto es_ES
dc.subject morphological features es_ES
dc.subject along-slope and down-slope processes es_ES
dc.subject neotectonic es_ES
dc.subject Northwestern Iberia es_ES
dc.subject margen continental es_ES
dc.subject llanura abisal es_ES
dc.subject Galicia es_ES
dc.subject Asturias es_ES
dc.subject Cantabria es_ES
dc.title Geomorphological and sedimentary processes of the glacially influenced northwestern Iberian continental margin and abyssal plains es_ES
dc.type Postprint es_ES
dc.relation.publisherversion es_ES
dc.description.funder Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, España es_ES
dc.identifier.doi es_ES
dc.coverage.spatialStudy Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, España es_ES

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